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Re: Template improveEdit

See the Keishin girls team section for more details.

In the upcoming second season of the anime, a new set of 5 players will be introduced, whom I am planning to add in this Wiki. Kagetsu was already introduced in Episode 9, and it was stated in the Light Novels that she would be the back-up Center for Airi. So she gets the number 9.


The four other new players are as follows: the French transfer student Mimi Balguerie (10), Natsuhi's twin sisters Tsubaki Takenaka (11) and Hiiragi Takenaka (12), and Saki's rival Masami Fujii (13).

Mimi will more likely be the back-up point guard, the Takenaka twins will be the back-up wing players, and Masami will be the back-up Power Forward and long-range shooting specialist (since there is no 3-point line in mini-basketball).

The picture on the right is the full 10-person Keishin girls team in their official tournament uniforms.

Thank you. Judasmartel (talk) 05:43, May 22, 2013 (UTC)

Re: Season 2Edit

So it's okay to add the new characters, then? We would have to wait until their actual appearance to add more information on them, though. I have only seen volumes 12 and 13, but I can't read Japanese. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Judasmartel (talkcontribs) 10:18, May 22, 2013‎

Re: Season 2Edit

It's much better to separate episodes by season instead of characters since we can just specify which season did each character debuted in their own pages.

So I guess I'm adding the new characters now, as well as two more from Suzuridani, reserve Center Aya Miyakouji (she must be the #10 player, but we still need to confirm this) and reserve Guard/Forward Rena Ashihara (probably #11 or #13, but we also need to confirm this). Unfortunately, I don't have much information about the two of them so we would really have to wait until Season 2 or Volume 13. 

For now, maybe I should focus with the new characters from Keishin. 

Judasmartel (talk) 03:57, May 23, 2013 (UTC)

Season 2 charactersEdit

I have added Mimi Balguerie's page. Can you please tell me how to redirect a red link to an existing page?

Numbering notesEdit

Numbering of players in teams in Ro-Kyu-Bu! follow the FIBA numbering system (4 to 15 system)and not the one used by professional leagues such as the NBA (namely, the 0 to 99 system).

Normally, there is a maximum of 12 players per team. The numbers start at 4, usually given to the team captain (Slam Dunk also had this convention, so it was easy to spot which player is the team captain). Counting from there, the 12th or last player should be numbered 15. As per the convention also used in Slam Dunk, the team captain is counted first, then the vice-captain (if any), then the rest of the players by grade level.

Miyu Aida of Suzuridani stated at the end of Episode 10 that in order for a grade school team to enter the mini-basketball tournament, it must consist of (at least) 10 players. It is not known whether or not a team is allowed to have the maximum 12 players. For the time being, let us assume that all teams in this series are only composed of 10 players.

Re: RedirectEdit

Thank you. I am adding more new characters now.

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