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Touko Hatano
Touko Hatano
Name in Japanese 羽多野 冬子
Romaji Translation Hatano Tōko
Nickname/s Hacchi
Voice Actor (Japanese) Rina Satō
Personal Info
Gender Female
Position School Nurse
Media Appearances
Anime Debut A Pass Towards Tomorrow

Touko Hatano (羽多野 冬子 Hatano Tōko?) is a school nurse of Keishin Academy, and an old acquaintance of Mihoshi's.

Character OverviewEdit


Touko Hatano has short grey-silver hair and purple irises. She seems is in early twenties and is quite well-endowed.

Being a school nurse, her most common outfit is white gown.


As long as the topic doesn’t involve with girls in the school, Touko is a good-mannered woman. However, when talking about girls, her professional lolicon side will be shown.

Touko's profession of being a lolicon even reaches theorisation level, evidence is she nicknames Hinata, Airi, Maho and Saki by their characteristics, and she seems never intentionally hides her lolicon side.


As a school nurse, Touko's abbilites are none other than taking care illnesses and injuries.


She believes she shares a similar trait with Subaru and came to his defense. Besides her students she also shows affection towards her co-worker Mihoshi Takamura.


  • Like Subaru, Touko dosen't have any illustrations in light novel. And she appears to be more "boyish" in manga than in anime.
  • Character-wise, Touko is the only one who demonstrates traits of a "real" lolicon, even chose to be an elementary school nurse instead of working in a handsomely-paid medical institution, according to the girls of Keishin Team.
  • Youko views Subaru as a potential comrade in career of being lolicon.
  • It's unknown that if Youko is the only school nurse in Keishin Academy or not.


See Touko Hatano/Gallery.


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