The Suzuridani Academy Basketball Team, also known as the Suzuridani girls team, is the main antagonist team in the Ro-Kyu-Bu! series. In the final three episodes of each season, the main team has encountered the Keishin girls team and won each one.

They are coached by Nobidome sisters Manaka and Hatsue. They have at least 15 members, including 10 regular players and at least 5 reserve players.

In Episode 11, it is mentioned by Tomoka that their captain's name is Miyu, who may possibly be the Andrias Japonicus girl Subaru encountered in Episode 10.

Team Roster Edit

Regular Players Edit

  1. Miyu Aida (4)
  2. Kumi Tsukada (5)
  3. Misuzu Kuumoto (6)
  4. Ran Yahagi (7)
  5. Momoe Tachibana (8)
  6. Nobue Okuda (9)
  7. Yume Nakano (10)
  8. Wakana Kitano (11)
  9. Aya Miyakoooji (12)
  10. Rena Ashihara (13)

Reserve Players (Ro-Kyu-Bu!)Edit

  1. Girl 9
  2. Girl 10
  3. Girl 11 (has not appeared)
  4. Girl 12
  5. Girl 13




Training Camp Edit

  • Suzuridani vs. Keishin (26-25)

Tournament Matches Edit

  • Suzuridani Team B vs. Keishin 6th grade team (18-30, ForM Tournament Final)
  • Suzuridani vs. Keishin, (51-50 [OT], Prefectural Tournament Round of 16)

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