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Subaru Hasegawa
Name in Japanese 長谷川 昴
Romaji Translation Hasegawa Subaru
Nickname/s Subarun
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yūki Kaji
Personal Info
Gender Male
Birthday October 11th
Class 1st grade, 3rd group
Position Head Coach
Height 172 cm (5'8")
Blood Type A
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Subaru Hasegawa (長谷川 昴 Hasegawa Subaru?) is the main protagonist and a freshman from Nashiba High School who is tasked by his aunt Mihoshi (the sister of his mother Nayu) to coach an all female sixth grade school basketball team.

He has been nicknamed several things including Subarun[1] and Onii-chan.

Character OverviewEdit


He once made 10 free throws in a row in the arcade.

He is able to do 46 one-arm push-ups. He could have done more if only a certain Andrias Japonicus girl did not disturb his exercise session.

As a player, he led his historically winless middle school team to the prefectural championship, where they placed second. This fact alone speaks volumes of his basketball skills and abilities, making him suitable for the coaching job at Keishin.


Currently, his school's basketball club had its activities suspended after its team captain got himself involved in a scandal. He reluctantly accepts Mihoshi's offer for him to train the Keishin girls basketball team for only three days initially, until he learns that the club is at the brink of being disbanded without his help and he realizes how important it is to Tomoka and her friends. He seems to have feelings for Tomoka.


In the first couple of episodes, both his aunt and his friend refer to a type of "gang" that Subaru's basketball club is referred to as, based on the misdeeds of their old coach who was fired for certain things he did involving female players.

Beginning with the criticism of a jealous male elementary school basketball player and reinforced by Subaru's friend, this takes a twist based on Subaru's own choice to coach a female team.


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