Shinobu Minato
Shinobu Minato
Name in Japanese 湊 忍
Romaji Translation Minato Shinobu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ryuutarou Okiayu
Personal Info
Media Appearances

Shinobu Minato (湊 忍 Minato Shinobu?) is Tomoka Minato's father and head of the Minato household.

Character OverviewEdit

A strict father, Shinobu Minato holds a very high expectation to his daughter Tomoka, hoping she will become an traditional Japanese woman who can inherit the family's legacy, especially genre of Nihombuyo passed down by elder generations. Thus rendering him very demanding to Tomoka on many aspects including academic endeavors, etiquette, sadō, and of course the practice of Nihombuyo.

By such reasons, Shinobu strongly objects Tomoka playing basketball, and is initially hostile to Subaru. But later he is able to "redeem" himself by agreeing with Tomoka's devotion into basketball and reaching a reconciliation with Subaru, even plans to marry his daughter to him.

Tomoka seems not very happy, even a little scared when talking with Shinobu.


  • Shinobu Minato's appearance bears a trace of resemblance to Ogasawara, which indicates his initial role is to be antagonistic, however later he strikes the colors and sides with Subaru.
  • Shinobu Minato is actually the very person who unintentionally made Subaru and Tomoka encountering each other. When Tomoka was young, one day she was reproofed by him and ran to a park, where she met Subaru and was inspired into playing basketball.
  • Although initially objecting basketball and being hostile to Subaru, Shinobu's first impression of him is good.

Gallery Edit

See Shinobu Minato/Gallery.


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