Saki Nagatsuka
Saki Avatar
Name in Japanese 永塚 紗季
Romaji Translation Nagatsuka Saki
Nickname/s Ice Age
Speed Queen
Frosty Nip Nop
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yōko Hikasa
Voice Actor (English) Xanthe Huynh
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday July 1 (Cancer)
Class 6-C
Class Job Class President
Team/s Keishin (Girls)
Number 6
Position Shooting Guard

Point Guard (Episode 11 onwards)

Height 148cm (4'10")
Blood Type O
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Saki Nagatsuka (永塚 紗季 Nagatsuka Saki?) is the bespectacled and level-headed member of the team, she initially refused to join the basketball club, but was later convinced by Maho to join by giving her a custom-made eye-guard.

Her family runs a famous restaurant, therefore Saki also works as the Kanban girl during free time.

Character OverviewEdit


She wears spectacles and has long blue hair often bonds in two braids. When playing basketball, she wears an eye-guard given to her by Maho. When playing basketball, her hair is usually put down.


Saki is seen to be the opposite to Maho, who is hyperactive. Cool-headed in majority of occasions, she carefully keeps team members in the line, especially watches Maho who tends go mischievous, and functions like control rods should any strives between Maho and Natsuhi break out.

However Saki also has a side of putting sensibility over rationality, demonstrated if Maho crosses the line, or anything involving okonomiyaki, the primary business of her family's restaurant.

Saki is an evident tsundere, reluctant to admit her feelings to Subaru and her desires of wanting his praises.


While she is not as gifted as Tomoka nor as athletic as Maho, her great decision-making skills allowed her to later move up to the Point Guard position. This gives an added benefit allowing Tomoka to focus better on the role of primary shooter.

Her ability to calmly analyze situations proved to be very useful during their match against Suzuridani, when she was moved up to Point Guard so Tomoka can focus on offense. She played the position so well that the team was able to overcome Suzuridani's superior defensive strategy.


  • Due to her solid personality and composure, Touko Hatano nicknames her "Ice Age" (アイス・エイジ Aisu Eiji).
  • The word 紗 in her name means Yarn. The word 季 in her name means Season. Therefore, her name can be roughly translated as "Yarn Season".
  • She's seen having a taste of yaoi manga in OVA, although it's unclear to be a parody or not.


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