Nayu Hasegawa
Nayu Screenshot 01
Name in Japanese 長谷川 七夕
Romaji Translation Hasegawa Nayu
Nickname/s Nayucchi
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mamiko Noto
Voice Actor (English) Erin Fitzgerald
Personal Info
Gender Female
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Nayu Hasegawa (長谷川 七夕 Hasegawa Nayu?) is Subaru's mother and Mihoshi's elder sister who was worried about her son after he was forced to stop playing basketball at school, but was relieved knowing that his enthusiasm was renewed after he became the Keishin girls basketball team's coach.

Character Overview Edit


Nayu has long, brown hair tied in a queue, brown irises, and a slim, feminine figure. Subaru inherits many of her traits physically.

She looks like in twenties instead of in thirties or forties.


Her personality corresponds to typical “good wife, wise mother” characters in Japanese fictions. Kindhearted and a little air-headed, caring about her husband and son very much, and supports their careers unreservedly, never complains about her husband's long-time absence and her son's obsession to basketball. Like many mothers of those male protagonists in "harem" stories, Nayu is glad to see Subaru attracts a collection of girls and gets along with them very well.

Although being a relatively reserved person, Nayu doesn't mind flirting with her husband in front of their son. Subaru feels annoyed about this and comments his parents as "an idiotic couple".

Trivia Edit

Her given name "七夕" can be written in Hiragana as "たなばた(Tanabata)" or "しちせき(Shichiseki)", although the former one is more formal. Tanabata is a traditional festival in folklore of Eastern Asia, originated in China, known as Qixi (mandarin pronunciation of 七夕). Generally, the folklore is about Vega and Altair, a pair of lovers, who're separated by Milky Way and are only allowed to meet each other on July 7th of Chinese Lunar Calendar. On that day, hordes of magpies form a bridge over Milky Way to enable them to cross this grand river in night sky (Milky Way is being viewed as a starry river in Eastern Asia folklore, especially in China and Japan). Qixi is considered as Chinese version of Valentine's Day and is especially dedicated to women, for praying for being virtuous wives.

In Japanese folklore, Tanabata is largely same as Qixi in China, with some changes. For example, in Japanese version, Vega and Altair reunion by boarding crescent moon/first quarter moon, which functions as a boat floating over Milky Way (on July 7th of lunar calendar, the lunar phase is between crescent and first quarter, and the moon is always positioned next to Milky Way, as if a boat to cross it), instead by crossing bridge of magpies. Some manners of celebration are also different too.

Since her husband, Ginga Hasegawa, has a given name means "Milky Way/Galaxy", it's almost ascertained there is a pun in both of their names.

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