Natsuhi Takenaka
Name in Japanese 竹中 夏陽
Voice Actor (Japanese) Minako Kotobuki
Voice Actor (English) Zach Aguilar
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class 6-C
Team/s Keishin (Boys)
Number 4
Height 154 cm (5'0")
Media Appearances
Anime Debut The Wish of a Little Girl

Natsuhi Takenaka (竹中 夏陽 Takenaka Natsuhi?) is the captain of the Keishin boys basketball team. His jersey number is 4.

He is convinced that the Keishin girls basketball team does not deserve to exist, as to him, its members are only playing around instead of truly competing.

He has a crush on Hinata, a fact known by all of his classmates, but Hinata never views him in a romantic way. He is the childhood friend of Maho and Saki.

He is very competitive with Tomoka, who beats him in a free throw contest and has an angry feud with Maho, but apparently made up with her.

He also accuses Subaru (much as Su's friend Hatsunari does in jest) of being a lolicon.


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