Miyu Aida
Miyu Aida (6)
Name in Japanese 藍田 未有
Romaji Translation Aida Miyu
Nickname/s Chibi-Ribbon
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mariya Ise
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday 23 November (Sagittarius)
Class 6-1
Team/s Suzuridani (Girls)
Number 4
Position Shooting Guard
Height 140cm (4'7")
Blood Type O
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Beautiful Star of Tragedy

Miyu Aida (藍田 未有 Aida Miyu?) (nicknamed Chibi-Ribbon (ちびリボン lit. "Little girl with the ribbon") [1] or Aho-Ribbon) is a sixth grader and is the ace of the Suzuridani girls basketball team who maintains a friendly rivalry with Tomoka. She requested for Rena to be included in the final tournament knowing her talent, despite Rena's poor attitude towards her teammates. Maho calls her "Little Girl with the Ribbon".

Character OverviewEdit

Andrias Japonicus girl is a working name for Miyu who sees Subaru doing push-ups in his underwear during episode 10. She ends up being the Keishin girls basketball team's opponent and mocks Maho for not knowing that they need 10 players to be able to compete in official matches.

In episode 11 Maho refers to her as chibi-Ribbon based on her hair accessory. She is number 4 of the Suzuridani girls basketball team and is also their star player or ace.


Miyu has long blond hair with a big red ribbon holding it together. She also has a star-shaped accessory around a stroke of hair at the right.


In her first encounter (Season 1, episode 10) she looks down on the Keishin girls team because of the fact that they're not wearing a uniform and don't know that they need 10 players to be able to compete in official matches. But in her second encounter (Season 2, episode 10) she has a lot more respect for them, even holding a friendly rivalry with Tomoka.


Her being called the ace of the Suzuridani girls basketball team is not just for show, she really has a lot of talent in basketball for a girl her age. She might even be as good as the ace of the Keishin girls basketball team, Tomoka.


  1. by Maho at 19m40s in Episode 11



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