Misuzu Kuumoto
Name in Japanese 甲本 みすず
Romaji Translation Kuumoto Misuzu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Naoko Sugiura
Personal Info
Gender Female
Team/s Suzuridani
Number 6
Position Small Forward
Height 140 cm
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Episode 11

Misuzu Kuumoto (甲本 みすず Kuumoto Misuzu?) is the starting small forward of the Suzuridani girls team. She wears the jersey number 6.

 Plot Edit

In Seasons 1 and 2, Misuzu is matched up against Keishin's Hinata Hakamada. She won their first encounter at Suzuridani, but Hinata outplayed her in the first quarter of their regional tournament match.

She has never been used since then, when Rena gained more playing time due to her good in-game performance.

Abilities Edit

As a small forward, Misuzu has considerable defensive abilities, as shown when she managed to shut down Hinata in Season 1.