Mihoshi Takamura
Mihoshi Takamura
Name in Japanese 篁 美星
Romaji Translation Uehara Kazunari
Nickname/s Mii-tan
Voice Actor (Japanese) Shizuka Itō
Voice Actor (English) Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday 28 September (Libra)
Class Job Teacher
Height 154 cm (5'0")
Blood Type B
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Mihoshi Takamura (篁 美星 Takamura Mihoshi?) (nicknamed Mii-tan[1]/Mi-tan[2], Miho-nee[3] and referred to as Takamura-sensei) is Subaru's aunt and his mom Nayu's sister, who works as a teacher at Keishin Academy and chosen as adviser of Keishin girls basketball team.

Having little knowledge of basketball, she blackmailed Subaru to train the girls, by threatening to expose embarrassing contents in Subaru's diary, written during his childhood (about he "wants to marry his mother").

Character OverviewEdit


She has yellow-green irises, purple longhair and a relatively small figure for an adult.

Because of her figure, Keishin's school nurse Touko Hatano, who truns out to be a real lolicon, classifies Mihoshi as a loli.


Known for being mischievous and tricking others into troubles, but deep down, Mihoshi is a very caring senior, both to Subaru and girls.

She has a strong rivalry against Keishin boys basketball team's coach, Ogasawara.


Mihoshi knows the ways of martial arts, although didn't get much chances to demonstrate. She also has a driving license.


Like Aoi, Mihoshi has a few illustrations (character setting/design) in light novel even she's not one of primary female characters in the franchise.


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