Masami Fujii
Name in Japanese 藤井 雅美
Romaji Translation Fujii Masami
Voice Actor (Japanese) Risa Taneda
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday 16 June (Gemini)
Class 5-B
Team/s Keishin (Girls)
Number 13
Position Shooting Guard
Height 143cm (4'8")
Blood Type A
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Flying Battle

Masami Fujii (藤井 雅美 Fujii Masami?) is a 5th grade student of Keishin Private Academy who always competes against Saki.

Masami's family and Saki's family are in good terms with each other, thus making two girls childhood acquaintances. However since both families run restaurants on same street, subsequently making them business rivals and becoming a contributing factor of intensifying Masami's personal rivalry towards Saki. After being ranked below Saki's family's restaurant by a magazine, Masami even attempts to photo Saki and Subaru then use it to against her.

Eager to prove herself is better than Saki, Masaki joins Keishin Girls Mini Basketball Team, which will be absorb into Keishin Girls Basketball Team.

Character OverviewEdit


Masami has violet curly hair which she ties with a ponytail towards her left side, she also has irises of same color.


An exceptionally stubborn girl who's obsessed in besting over others, especially in beating Saki, for she sticks to a view of living under Saki's shadow for too long.

After getting herself (and her team) bested by Saki (and Saki's team) for a few times, Masami admits her attitude is wrong.


After watching the match between Girls and Boys, especially Saki's jump shot. Masami begins self-training to take jump shots from a much longer range than Saki in order to best over her. Such range is stated to be outside the three-point arc of a regular basketball court.

However, mini-basketball does not implement a three-point arc, making her long distance shooting skill less useful in general (a 3-point play is a much better way to get more points than a long-range shot in this case), but it can still be used to catch opponents off-guard and to counter zone defenses as the one used by Suzuridani Girls' Academy.

Trivia Edit

Although resembling a form of sibling rivalry, but the rivalry between Masami and Saki is in fact an unilateral bias from Masami's perspective.


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