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Manaka Nobidome
Manaka Nobidome
Name in Japanese 野火止 麻奈佳
Romaji Translation Nobidome Manaka
Nickname/s Manakacchi
Voice Actor (Japanese) Satomi Sato
Personal Info
Gender Female
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Mihoshi's Tragedy

Manaka Nobidome (野火止 麻奈佳 Nobidome Manaka?) (also referred to as Manakacchi[1]) is a second year student at Suzuridani Girls Academy's High School Division and the temporary coach of the Suzuridani girls mini-basketball team.

She is the younger sister of Hatsue Nobidome and introduces herself right before the midway intermission of episode 10. She is a friend of Tae.

Aoi guesses that she was number 4 of the Suzuridani girls basketball team in elementary school.

Back in middle school, she was a well-known perimeter shooter.


In the bath 15m45s into episode 10, Hinata informs an inquiring Maho that her cup size is B and that Airi wins, implying Airi may have a C or even bigger.



  1. 15m40s into episode 10 by Maho


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