Maho Misawa
Maho Avatar
Name in Japanese 三沢 真帆
Romaji Translation Misawa Maho
Nickname/s Maho-Maho
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuka Iguchi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday 2 July (Cancer)
Class 6-C
Class Job Animal Care
Team/s Keishin (Girls)
Number 5
Position Power Forward
Height 145cm (4'9")
Blood Type A
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay!

Maho Misawa (三沢 真帆 Misawa Maho?) is the most energetic and flexible member of the team, who is always coming up with ideas that mostly seem to cause embarrassment for the other girls.

Being mesmerized by Tomoka's skills, which is demonstrated during a PE class, Maho decides to organize a female basketball club, recruiting Tomoka, Saki, Hinata and Airi.

Maho's family is wealthy, for her father Fuga Misawa is a successful designer who runs a large company. She lives in a big mansion with her parents and a maid named Hijiri Kuina.

Character OverviewEdit


The most notable features of Maho are golden hair bound into two long queues and blue irises. She has average height for her age, and a relatively undeveloped figure comparing with Hinata and Airi, which becomes one of her concerns.


The "atmosphere maker" of the team. Being born and raised in a wealthy family, Maho subsequently becomes outgoing, happy-go-lucky and self-centered, acting on her own pleasure even kinda reckless. However she also has a side of caring and obliging, never hesitates to stand up for her friends.

Maho is a quick learner but demonstrates insufficient persistence, which results a misunderstanding between her childhood friend Natsuhi and herself, subsequently put the two in bad terms for a long time. Later it turns out her lack of persistence is because she never encounter something truly worthy for devotion (namely basketball).


Although not good as Tomoka, but Maho's basketball skills are pretty impressive. Natsuhi stated she is a natural genius capable of learning just about anything really fast and once she did, she would quit out of boredom. This is the source of her split with him due to his seriousness of basketball and her developing interest in the sport. This turned out to be false, as Maho actually came to like the sport enough not to quit on it and trains hard for it for the sake of her team.

It was revealed in the Light Novels that she matches Tomoka in lateral speed (i.e. within a straight line), but not in agility (the speed of changing direction).

While normally more of an offensive player who relies on pass interceptions on defense, Maho shows considerable defensive ability during the national tournament match against Suzuridani when she managed to shut down Rena Ashihara, leaving her scoreless for the entire third quarter until Maho herself sprained her ankle during the game.


  • Due to her hyperactive nature, Touko-sensei nicknames her "Fireworks" (ファイヤー・ワークス Faiyā Wākusu).
  • Her name (真帆 - Maho) means True Sail.
  • When replace the word "Ma" (ま) in her name by "A" (あ), as teased by Saki, it becomes "Aho" (あほ), which means "stupid".
  • She is afraid of the dark.
  • She has a tendency to add word "n" (ん) to the end of a character's name, for example, Subaru will become Subarun.
  • Maho's counterparts in animation and manga are clearly shown to have a tiny fang, which gives her some resemblances to a kitty. This is a common phenomenon in many Japanese fictions nowadays: Girls, especially outgoing ones, are depicted to bear traits of cats. Another example is Hinata, she purs like a kitten when being carried by Subaru on his back, on the way to infirmary. Mihoshi also grows cat ears (sometimes with a cat tail) when she's in "no-good" mode.
  • Maho's hairstyle, bunches (called "twintails / ツインテール" in Japanese), corresponds her personality well. In Japanese fictions, girls with twintails are usually designed to be outgoing and energetic, also being tsundere.
  • Although being a blonde, Maho is not a Caucasian-Mongolian mixed-blood like Mimi. Pure Mongolians with golden hair and/or blue/cyan/green irises are a frequent setting in Japanese fictions.
  • Beside basketball, Maho also plays tennis well.


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