Kumi Tsukada
Name in Japanese 塚田 久美
Romaji Translation Tsukada Kumi
Voice Actor (Japanese) Chieko Kagose
Voice Actor (English) Cindy Robinson
Personal Info
Gender Female
Team/s Suzuridani
Number 5
Position Center
Height 170cm (5'7')
Blood Type A
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Episode 11

Kumi Tsukada (塚田 久美 Tsukada Kumi?) is the starting center of the Suzuridani girls team. She wears the jersey number 5.

Plot Edit

In Season 1, Kumi is matched up with Airi Kashii of Keishin. She played Airi well on defense, until Keishin decided to use Airi to draw double teams to free up her teammates for an open shot.

In Season 2, Airi outplayed Kumi in the first quarter of their official match in the regional tournament thanks to Airi's face-up game she improved with Aoi. In the second half, however, when Suzuridani decides to use the twin towers of Kumi and Aya, Kumi was matched up against Hinata when the latter's matchup Rena was instead matched up to Maho. She has a huge height advantage against Hinata, allowing her to shoot over her from mid-range.

Abilities Edit

Kumi is a typical center player, using her size and strength to dominate the paint, with mid-range shooting ability as shown in Season 2.

As stated above, she has a decent mid-range jump shooting ability which is very effective against smaller defenders.