Kagetsu Hakamada
Kagetsu Hakamada
Name in Japanese 袴田 かげつ
Romaji Translation Hakamada Kagetsu
Nickname/s Kage
Voice Actor (Japanese) Asami Seto
Voice Actor (English) Kate Higgins
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday 20 February (Pisces)
Class 5-D
Team/s Keishin (Girls)
Number 9
Position Forward-Center
Height 160cm (5'3")
Blood Type O
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Running Side-by-Side Towards Freedom

Kagetsu Hakamada (袴田 かげつ Hakamada Kagetsu?) (referred to by Hinata as Kage or as Gettan by Maho) is Hinata's one-year younger sister and a marathon runner of her elementary school. Later she becomes a prominent player of Keishin Girls Mini Basketball Team, then Keishin Girls Basketball Team.

Character OverviewEdit


Kagetsu is the "boyish" one of Hakamada sisters, processing short, purple hair and purple irises, also a height of 160 cm. Her figure is much bigger than Hinata despite being the younger one.

Although being sisters, Kagetsu doesn't look very similar to Hinata.


The reserved and serious one of the duo. Kagetsu feels responsible for an event in her early years, which was during a cold snowy night, she fell asleep in home, subsequently locked Hinata outside, resulting she got hospitalized. Since then Kagetsu became overprotective to Hinata, trying to stop her from participating in any sports considered too energy-consuming, for she worries about her little physical strength cannot afford demands of that magnitude.

Knowing her elder sister is attractive to boys, Kagetsu is hostile to Subaru initially, claiming he has unspeakable intentions to Hinata. It takes quite an effort for Subaru to gain trust from this overprotective girl.


As Keishin's fifth-grade marathon champion, Kagetsu has incredible stamina. She is easily capable of keeping up with the girls team's training regimen and even states that it is nothing special.

During the match between the sixth graders and the fifth graders, Kagetsu displayed such amazing lower body strength that she almost beat a much taller Airi for the jump ball.

Kagetsu at 160 cm (5-foot-3) is shorter than the other Centers in the series, but makes up for it with higher foot speed, such as when she outrun Airi in the ForM semifinal match between the two Keishin teams.

She is also shown to have high jumping and considerable shot-blocking abilities, as shown in Keishin's official match against Suzuridani, where she blocked the opposing center's jump shot from out of nowhere.


Her nickname "Kage" actually means "shadow" if write in Hiragana or Kanji (かげ / 影).


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