Hijiri Kuina
Hijiri Kuina
Name in Japanese 久井奈 聖
Romaji Translation Kuina Hijiri
Nickname/s Yanbaru
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ayane Sakura
Personal Info
Gender Female
Position The Misawa Household's maid
Media Appearances
Anime Debut I'm in Love with Your Flower Bud

Hijiri Kuina (久井奈 聖 Kuina Hijiri?) is a maid for the Misawa household, introduced 13m8s into episode 7.

At 8m45s into episode 8 she is referred to as Yanbaru by Maho.

Near the end, at 21m05s, Subaru refers to her as Kuina-san, so Yanbaru was likely just a nickname. Subaru is being polite and using her surname, so her given name is Hijiri.

She also appears in episode 9 attending Maho's beach island mansion. Initially in her maid uniform, but at 8m25s when she calls out that it's lunchtime she is wearing a bikini.


See Hijiri Kuina/Gallery.


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