Hijiri Kuina
Hijiri Kuina
Name in Japanese 久井奈 聖
Romaji Translation Kuina Hijiri
Nickname/s Yanbaru
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ayane Sakura
Voice Actor (English) Janice Kawaye
Personal Info
Gender Female
Position The Misawa Household's maid
Media Appearances
Anime Debut I'm in Love with Your Flower Bud

Hijiri Kuina (久井奈 聖 Kuina Hijiri?) is a maid for the Misawa household, introduced 13m8s into episode 7.

At 8m45s into episode 8 she is referred to as Yanbaru by Maho.

Near the end, at 21m05s, Subaru refers to her as Kuina-san, so Yanbaru was likely just a nickname. Subaru is being polite and using her surname, so her given name is Hijiri.

She also appears in episode 9 attending Maho's beach island mansion. Initially in her maid uniform, but at 8m25s when she calls out that it's lunchtime she is wearing a bikini.


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