Hiiragi Takenaka
Hiiragi Avatar
Name in Japanese 竹中 柊
Romaji Translation Takenaka Hiiragi
Nickname/s Tsubahi (with Tsubaki)
Voice Actor (Japanese) Aya Suzaki
Voice Actor (English) Melissa Fahn
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday January 1 (Capricorn)
Class 5-C
Team/s Keishin (Girls)
Number 12
Position Point Guard
Height 140cm (4'7")
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS Episode 1

Hiiragi Takenaka (竹中 柊 Takenaka Hiiragi?) (nicknamed Tsubahi [1]) is one of two younger twin sisters of Natsuhi, the other being named Tsubaki.

Hiiragi has short black hair tied with a pink-colored flower ribbon at her right side.

Tsubaki and Hiiragi practice basketball with Natsuhi everyday, although Natsuhi himself does not recognize their talents. However, their combination plays, as a result of being in perfect sync with each other, make them unpredictable and draw their opponents to confusion.

This ability comes to its logical conclusion with the defensive move Twin Hell, a nigh-impenetrable double team capable of stopping even the most athletic players in the story in Maho and Rena.


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  • Hiiragi is named after the holly flower.
  • The Takenaka twins were born on New Year's Day, January 1st.
  • Like her twin sister, Hiiragi is on bad term with Maho.
  • Hiiragi is unofficially listed as a Point Guard as she exhibits better ball-handling skills and defensive tendencies than Tsubaki. As such, she is the primary ball handler of the highly offensive-minded Keishin fifth-grade team, although she is not as strategic as Saki, the primary ball handler of the more balanced Keishin sixth-grade team.


  1. by Maho in volume 12 of the Light Novel