Ginga Hasegawa
Ginga Hasegawa
Name in Japanese 長谷川 銀河
Romaji Translation Hasegawa Ginga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Takehito Koyasu
Voice Actor (English) Troy Baker
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class Job University Assistant Professor
Position Power Forward
Height 186cm (6'1")
Media Appearances

Ginga Hasegawa (長谷川 銀河 Hasegawa Ginga?) is Subaru Hasegawa's father. He is an assistant professor of geology and a skillful amateur athlete of basketball.

Character OverviewEdit


Ginga processes a quite masculine physique. He's tall, muscular, well-toned and has dark skin. His face is also angular, unlike his son who happens to be more rounded.


Ginga is a forthright, good-tempered person, and is an accomplished amateur basketball athlete who had achieved certain extent of fame. He gladly acknowledges his son coaching Keishin Girls Basketball Team, and takes the role of coaching Keishin girls mini basketball team which would be absorbed into the former.

Despite frequently on business trips, Ginga and Nayu share a deep love, evidence is they flirt each other when having a chance of reunion.


  • His name "Ginga (銀河 / ぎんが / Silvery River)" means "Milky Way (天の川 / あまのがわ / River in Heaven)" or "Galaxy" in Japanese. In folklore of China and Japan, Milky Way is said to be a grand river flowing in heaven, consisted by stars.
  • Ginga looks quite young despite having a teenager son and is much taller than Subaru. This is a common setting in Japanese fictions: Parents are always designed to look like their children's elder siblings.
  • Subaru doesn't inherit much of Ginga's traits, both his appearance and academic talents.
  • Although taller than Subaru, Ginga's height is still not sufficiently suitable for playing basketball.
  • In light novel, Ginga is mentioned to be famous for his basketball skills.