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Kimi no Tsubomi ni Koishiteru
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 07
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Air date (Japan) August 19, 2011
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It's summer and all the girls are excited for the upcoming swimming classes by Subaru, except Airi, who can't swim due to her fear of deep water because of an incident that happened to her a long time ago when she fell into a lake. To help her overcome her trauma, Subaru agrees to teach her with the help of the rest of the team. Meanwhile, Subaru's childhood friend Aoi is worried about his grades and offers to help him with his studies, but he ends up declining her offer due to his agreement of dealing with Airi's problem. In the end, Airi manages to overcome her fears with the help of everyone, but the next day, Aoi follows Subaru who's on his way to the gym for basketball practice and learns about his secret...


  • Subaru implies that Tomoka could have managed to get past him for the first time during one of their daily training sessions if only she did not trip over her own damaged shoes. He then accompanies Tomoka to the Miura Sports store so she can buy new ones. Subaru also secretly bought a pink wristband and gave it to Tomoka as a gift.
  • Aoi and her friends Satsuki Kakizono and Tae Mishouji happened to be in the same sports store as well, to buy a new set of swimsuits for Nashiba High School's swimming classes.