Iron 《Metal》 Master
Teppan 《Metaru》 Masutā
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 06
Ro-Kyu-Bu! ep06 screenshot
Air date (Japan) August 5, 2011
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Having changed his opinion about Maho, Natsuhi apologizes to her and starts training with the girls seriously. At night, both Natsuhi and Hinata are nowhere to be found and the others decide to look for them. Along the way, Subaru finds Hinata's panties on the ground (later shown to be a mistake of Hinata, as she actually ment to take a handkerchief with her) and hides it before the other girls notice in order to prevent a misunderstanding. They later find out that Natsuhi is teaching her how to throw a basketball properly.

Back at the camp, Subaru decided to leave Hinata's panties outside the bathroom, hoping one of the girls would find it, but Natsuhi does instead and leaves with it when he hears Subaru approaching. They then decide to put it back into Hinata's bag before they get caught, which eventually happens leading to Natsuhi leaving Subaru behind and fleeing back to his room and the latter hiding inside Tomoka's futon. Back in their room, Natsuhi explains to Subaru that for the next match, substitutions are not allowed unless a player is injured and begs him not to exclude Hinata from the lineup, thus he decides to leave the team himself, stating that the girls have what it takes to win by themselves and with Natsuhi appointed by Subaru as their assistant coach, so they do.

After the game, when the girls are changing their clothes in the dressing room, Subaru who was hiding in order to watch the match is about to be caught in quite a "predicament".