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Hādo ni Hi o Tsukete
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 05
Ro-Kyu-Bu! ep05 screenshot
Air date (Japan) July 29, 2011
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Once more, Mihoshi Takamura is one step ahead of Subaru and sets up a training camp for him and the girls basketball team aiming for the upcoming mixed basketball tournament. Much to their surprise, they find out that Natsuhi, the captain of the boys basketball team will also participate (in their team that is), but he refuses to play alongside Maho and both start fighting on several occasions. Subaru and Tomoka come up with some plans to try them to get along with each other but with no success. Later, Subaru learns from Natsuhi that his animosity towards Maho is because she has the habit of giving up on everything once she gets the hang of it and he will not forgive her if she does the same with basketball. But both of them end up watching Maho training very hard by herself and Subaru questions Natsuhi if Maho is really just playing around as he claims.


  • Maho was training when Subaru and Natsuhi came back from the grocery store, thus implying it was after she took a shower.
  • Natsuhi states to Subaru that Maho has the potential of a genius, because she has the ability to master a new sport within only a short amount of time. This made Subaru realize why she was able to pick up basketball so quickly.

The preview of episode 6 at the end parodies the classic anime from World Masterpiece Theatre: Heidi of the Alps.