A Little Girl's Wish
Chiisana Shōjo no Negai
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 02
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Air date (Japan) July 8, 2011
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The young boys turn out to be members of the Keishin boys basketball team in the elementary division at Keishin Academy. They want Subaru to stop coaching the Keishin girls basketball team. The boys explain that a match between the two teams will determine whether or not the girls team will be disbanded. When Subaru shows up for practice, he mentions that he understands how the boys feel, causing Maho to get upset again and leave.

Subaru meets Tomoka on the way back home after a get-together with his friends Kazunari Uehara and Aoi Ogiyama and he invites her over to his house so she can practice basketball there. Tomoka then challenges him to a match to decide whether or not he will continue coaching the team, but she is not able to win.

Tomoka explains to him that her obsession over winning isolated her and that it was not until she transferred to Keishin Academy and made friends with the other girls that she realized winning is not everything. This serves to rekindle Subaru's passion for the sport and he tells Tomoka that he will protect her passion for basketball and the place she belongs to by continuing as their coach, which moves her to tears. Afterwards, Subaru gathers information about the boys basketball team from his aunt Mihoshi. The next day he goes to apologize to the girls team about everything and they greet him the same way as when they first met.