Aoi Wins?
Aoi wa Katsu?
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 18
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Air date (Japan) August 9, 2013
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After Aoi wins a ticket for two for an autumn vacation to Kyoto in a street lottery with Subaru, who was going to join the sixth graders' fieldtrip to Kyoto, her nervousness of being with him together increases, even more when she has misunderstandings and wild imaginations of Subaru being surrounded by elementary schoolers.

The trip also doesn't go well for Subaru as he is in quite a predicament:

1.) He and Natsuhi have to return Maho's panties (which she dropped while catching up with the other girls) while the girls are in the hot springs, but they eventually run out of time. They then decide to go play in the girls' room (since Maho also requested it) to try and return Maho's panties without getting noticed and end up having a pillow fight with them. Subaru then distracts the girls by making a "scoop shot" or "floater" (すこおぷしょっと sukoopu shotto) into a bin with a pillow while Natsuhi throws the panties into Maho's bag, which is successful;

2.) When Subaru accidentally sees Aoi in erotic lingerie, given to her by her friends Satsuki and Tae just before the trip, she feels ashamed of herself thinking that he got the wrong idea about her and says to her friends that she "wants to die". On their way home, Subaru manages to brighten Aoi's spirit by giving her a hairpin for being the fifth graders' coach.

Trivia Edit

  • The lingerie Aoi received from her friends is a type of shobu shitagi (lit. lingerie fit for battle), a popular item among Japanese girls which is usually worn on a set day with the girl's significant other.
  • The museum at Kyoto gives references to The Tale of Genji, reputed to be the world's first ever light novel, written by a Japanese noblewoman named Murasaki Shikibu. These are the roles played by Subaru and the girls:
  • Aoi wonders if Subaru would end up like Hikaru Genji, who was rather infamous for marrying girls as young as 8 years old (!).