Paradigm Ginga
Paradaimu Ginga
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 15
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Air date (Japan) July 19, 2013
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Under Ginga's tuition, Mimi's team manages to stand up against Tomoka's team, but the latter hold their ground and win the game in the end. Later, Ginga compliments Mimi's team for their efforts, but says that he cannot continue to coach them since he soon has to go back to Hawaii. Therefore, he lets Aoi become the fifth graders' coach after seeing her talent in basketball.

The next day, Tomoka invites Subaru to her birthday party on the weekend and so, after school, he asks Aoi (who was at the point of departure to the Miura Sports store) if he can join her. While they're in the store, Aoi thinks that Subaru wants her to help him choose a gift for her, which is not the case since the gift is ment as a birthday present for Tomoka, making Aoi depressed.

During the party, the girls insisted the birthday girl Tomoka to sit on Subaru's lap, much to the upper's embarrassment. Tomoka then receives gifts from everyone: from Maho, Saki, Hinata and Airi, she receives a basketball; from Aoi, she receives a hair ribbon; and from Subaru, she receives a towel. The day after, Subaru gives Tomoka another present — a chance for both of them to master the "scoop shot" or "floater" (すこおぷしょっと sukoopu shotto) technique and they happily have a training session like always.

Trivia Edit

  • The "scoop shot" or "floater" is a type of layup with a faster and higher release than a regular layup, This shot is difficult to defend because of the speed of the release and the high arc of the release. It is popular among smaller players such as guards. Examples of NBA players with this skill set are Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers, Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.