Innocent World!
Shōgakusei 《Inosento》 Wārudo!
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 13
Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS ep01 screenshot
Air date (Japan) July 5, 2013
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With summer vacation nearing its end, Tomoka is dismayed as her father doesn't approve of her focusing everything on basketball and doesn't want her going to the summer festival on the weekend. As Subaru contemplates going to Tomoka's house to talk it over with her father, he receives a call from Nayu, his mother, asking him to accompany Tomoka to the festival.

After winning a free throw basketball game with the promise that Subaru would do anything she'd ask if she wins, she requests that he watch the fireworks with her, as close as possible. Whilst taking Tomoka to the restroom, Subaru briefly meets her father (at that point still not known by him of course), helping him find his glasses that he lost because somebody bumped into him. When he shows up again to take Tomoka back home, Subaru and the others manage to stand up for her, convincing him that basketball has helped her make some fine friends. The next day, a mysterious French girl appears before Tomoka, challenging her to a one-on-one basketball game.