The Bridge Between the Five
Go-nin no Kakehashi
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 11
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Air date (Japan) September 16, 2011
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Upon hearing that the team is incomplete, which Subaru kept secret for her, Maho runs back to camp to lick her wounds. Saki catches up with her and after a duel between the two overseen by Subaru, Maho's desire for the sport is reinvigorated. After initial reluctance, the Suzuridani girls basketball team's advisor, Hatsue Nobidome, allows the Keishin girls basketball team to compete against the regulars (the 6th graders of Suzuridani's elementary division) in an exhibition match.

That night, Subaru is told by Manaka Nobidome (Hatsue Nobidome's younger sister) that the mist sauna has been reserved for him, but Aoi is placed in there as well, to test the upper's consternation; it turns out that the temporary coach of the Suzuridani youth girls mini-basketball team, Manaka, had tried to set them up to get Aoi to admit her crush on Subaru.

Subaru and Aoi eventually talk it over and resolve the awkward situation they were in so they can do their best to coach the team together. The following day, as the exhibition match starts off, Maho is so eager to show off her skills to Miyu that she disturbs her team's integrity. Though, Saki is later able to cool her down a little.


  • During the exhibition match, Subaru moves Saki up to the Point Guard position. This allows Keishin to pass the ball around better thanks to Saki's good decision-making skills and Tomoka to focus more on the role of shooter instead of having to act on the role of ball handler at the same time.
  • At the end of the episode, Suzuridani leads 6-2 after Maho made an open jump shot after Keishin managed to break through Suzuridani's 2-3 Zone Defense with quick passes.