Beautiful Star of Tragedy
Bisei 《Byūtifuru Sutā》 no Higeki
Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Episode 10
Ro-Kyu-Bu! ep10 screenshot
Air date (Japan) September 9, 2011
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At Maho's request, Aoi's friends, Satsuki and Tae are able to arrange a friendly outside match with the Suzuridani girls basketball team thanks to one of Tae's relatives being an elementary school teacher there and also the advisor of the youth girls mini-basketball team.

The arrangement however, is fraught with problems; Mihoshi suddenly feels unwell while driving, causing her to be hospitalized and everyone else having to hike the remaining distance to the school. It is later commented by Aoi that the cause might be Appendicitis.

The team is then placed in the woods on the Suzuridani school grounds with only a tent for shelter, which raises concerns about Subaru's presence among Aoi.

Throughout the episode, Aoi has to confront her innate crush on Subaru and mitigate her fear of the possibility that he might have prurient intentions toward the girls he is coaching.

When practice day comes, the Keishin girls team learns from Miyu Aida, captain of the Suzuridani girls team, that they need five more players in order for them to be able to play in official matches. This caused Maho to sulk at Subaru and walk out of the gym.


  • The episode title indicates the unfortunate incident that happened upon the Keishin girls team, particularly Mihoshi. The name Mihoshi means "beautiful star". It is written in furigana and read in English in the title.