Aya Miyakoooji
Aya Miyakoooji
Name in Japanese 都大路 アヤ
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yumi Hara
Voice Actor (English) Cassandra Lee Morris
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday April 22 (Taurus)
Class 5-3
Team/s Suzuridani Girls Team
Number 12
Position Center
Height 167 cm (5'6")
Blood Type A
Media Appearances

A tall 5th grade student at the Suzuridani School. She respects Airi and an older sister. She was shy until she watches Airi showing her how to play as a tall person. Since she was nice and shy, Rena tries to take advantage of that, but she became confident quickly and changes piece by piece like Airi.

After her first encounter with Airi, Aya made a huge contribution to the main team of Suzuridani, outplaying Airi, who had outplayed her earlier in the exhibition tournament, during their official match against Keishin.

Aya is a unique type of center player in that she also has considerable passing abilities, such as when she initiated two separate alley-oop plays with Rena and Miyu.

An alley-oop play is one where the ball handler throws up the ball towards the basket while a teammate catches and shoots it in mid-air.