Aoi Ogiyama
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Name in Japanese 荻山 葵
Romaji Translation Ogiyama Aoi
Nickname/s Aoicchi
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kanae Itō
Voice Actor (English) Janice Kawaye
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday 9 Junuary (Capricorn)
Class 1st grade, 3rd group
Position Assistant Coach

Forward-Center (as a player)

Height 163cm (5'4")
Blood Type A
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Aoi Ogiyama (荻山 葵 Ogiyama Aoi?) (also referred to as Aoicchi[1]) is Subaru's childhood friend. She attends the same high school as Subaru and is in the same year as him. She used to play Center for the Kirihara Middle School's girls basketball team.

Aoi was a former member of Subaru's school's basketball club, she would become the manager at some point.

Character OverviewEdit


Aoi has indigo irises and indigo hair bonded into a long queue. She is moderately well-endowed, but not very tall.


Like many childhood friends in "harem" stories, Aoi cares about Subaru very much and develops a crush to him through time. But Subaru just considers her as a long-time friend instead a girl (in romantic ways), as for Aoi herself, she also doesn't know how to express her feelings to him.

By reasons above, Aoi is kind of jealous to those girls surrounding Subaru closely.

Aoi worries Subaru in many aspects, especially the depression brought by his basketball club's deactivation, and his not-so-presentable academic endeavors. She also worries Subaru will become a lolicon someday, the primary reason of his basketball club's deactivation.

A righteous person, just like many childhood friends in "harem" stories, even too righteous thus leads to harshness. Aoi goes berserk when witnessing Subaru coaching elementary schoolgirls (actually she goes berserk every time when seeing or hearing anything she thinks relevant to lolicon), and forces him to cease such activity. Subaru's girls oppose Aoi's interference, and result in a risky gamble of basketball match, which almost destroys what they had achieved during past-days' hardworks. After this crisis, both sides reach a reconciliation, then Aoi joins Subaru and the girls as assistant coach.

She also serves as the coach of Keishin Girls Mini Basketball Team, before it gets assimilated into Keishin Girls Basketball Team.



  • Like Subaru, Aoi doesn't have a very distinguished height for a basketball player, even she is the tallest in her middle school's team.
  • Her name (葵 / あおい / Aoi) is named after a flower, namely Sunflower.
  • Her name also means "blue (青い)" or "cyan (蒼い)", depends on how to be written in Kanji and Hiragana.
  • Although not among primary female characters in the franchise, Aoi do has a few illustrations (character setting/design) in light novel.


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