This article is about the list of episodes. 12 episodes for the first season were annouced by Dengeki Bunko Magazine during February 2011. Another 12 episodes for the second season were announced during July 2013.

Each episode title is a parody of different individual western music.

Season 1Edit

# Episode Title Original Airdate
01 Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay! Yay!

"Shōgakusei ga Yattekuru Yā! Yā! Yā!" (小学生がやってくる ヤァ! ヤァ! ヤァ!)

July 1, 2011
02 A Little Girl's Wish

"Chiisana Shōjo no Negai" (小さな少女の願い)

July 8, 2011
03 The Pass That Leads to Tomorrow

"Ashita ni Kakeru Pasu" (明日に架けるパス)

July 15, 2011
04 Wish Upon Subaru

"Subaru ni Negai o" (昂に願いを)

July 22, 2011
05 Get Fired Up

"Hādo ni Hi o Tsukete" (ハードに火を付けて)

July 29, 2011
06 Iron 《Metal》 Master

"Teppan 《Metaru》 Masutā" (鉄板《メタル》マスター)

August 5, 2011
07 I'm in Love with Your Bud

"Kimi no Tsubomi ni Koishiteru" (君の蕾に恋してる)

August 19, 2011
08 Stairway Towards Reincarnation

"Tensei e no Kaidan" (転生への階段)

August 26, 2011
09 Running Side-by-Side Towards Freedom

"Jiyū e no Heisō" (自由への併走)

September 2, 2011
10 Beautiful Star of Tragedy

"Bisei 《Byūtifuru Sutā》 no Higeki" (美星《ビューティフル・スター》の悲劇)

September 9, 2011
11 The Bridge Between the Five

"Go-nin no Kakehashi" (五人の架け橋)

September 16, 2011
12 My Dream is Your Dream

"Boku no Yume wa Kimi no Yume" (僕の夢は君の夢)

September 23, 2011

Season 2Edit

# Episode Title Original Airdate
13 Innocent World!

"Inosento Wārudo!" (小学生(いのせんと)・わ~るど!)

July 5, 2013
14 Flying Battle!

"Furaingu Kettō!" (フライング決闘!)

July 12, 2013
15 Paradigm Ginga

"Paradaimu Ginga" (パラダイム銀河)

July 19, 2013
16 The Stupid Man

"Oroka Otoko" (愚か男(もの))

July 26, 2013
17 Overnight Sensation!

"Ōbānaito sense~shon!" (オーバーナイト・せんせ〜しょん!)

August 2, 2013
18 Aoi Wins?

"Aoi wa Katsu?" (葵は勝つ?)

August 9, 2013
19 Win, again? August 23, 2013
20 I Wish with You August 30, 2013
21 Don't Wanna Cry

"Don't wanna cry Nakitakunai…" (Don't wanna cry 泣きたくない…)

September 6, 2013
22 Wanna Be A Gamemaker September 13, 2013
23 Dearests September 20, 2013
24 Because You’re Here, Tomoka

"Kimi ga Iru Dake de" (智花(キミ)がいるだけで)

September 27, 2013


The commercial break midway through each episode gives the statistics of various characters:


The game produced in October 2011 (a month after episode 12 concluded the TV series at the end of September) might be thought of as episode 13.


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