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Airi Kashii
Name in Japanese 香椎 愛莉
Romaji Translation Kashii Airi
Nickname/s Airin
Prismatic Bud
Voice Actor (Japanese) Rina Hidaka
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday 5 April
Class 6-C
Class Job Bulletin Placement
Team/s Keishin Girls
Number 7
Position Center
Height 168cm (5' 6")
Blood Type A
Media Appearances
Anime Debut Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Airi Kashii (香椎 愛莉 Kashii Airi?) (also called Airin[1]) is the most quiet and shy girl of the five. Due to being so tall and well-endowed for her age, she has an extreme complex about her height, which causes her to burst into tears whenever any mention of it is being made.

She happens to be the oldest girl in the group as well, being born in April. When younger, she fell from a boat into a lake and since then developed a mild case of aquaphobia that prevents her from swimming.

Character OverviewEdit


Maho recruits Airi into the Keishin girls basketball team, possibly due to her size, in a game where height is considered an advantage. However, Airi has an extreme height complex, preventing her from accepting her role as the team's "big man" center.

During the game against the boys team, Subaru has to trick her by telling her she is the Small Forward when she's actually the Center.

In an effort to help Airi overcome her fear of deep water, the team, including Subaru, hold swimming lessons for her at the Misawa household's mansion, at least up until Subaru's childhood friend, Aoi, found out about it.

Aoi challenges the girls to a basketball match to decide whether or not Subaru will keep coaching the team. However, it turns out to be a secret test for Airi, which she passed for when she successfully blocked Aoi's potential game winning layup. Aoi forfeits the match in the girls' favor and teaches Airi to swim in Subaru's place. With Aoi's help, she was able to overcome her phobia. Airi later receives training from Aoi again, who used to play as the Center for her middle school team, so she can overcome her height complex and fully accept her role as the team's Center. For the above reasons, she greatly respects Aoi and became like an older sister to her.



Kashii Airi's info sheet (Season 1)

She is an extremely tall and well-endowed girl for her age, and has short brown hair. She is known for the color brown and orange.


Airi is very tall for her age, making her an ideal basketball player. As Tomoka states to Subaru, Airi can do so many things with her height[2]. Her height complex, however, prevented her from playing with her full potential.

Airi is a formidable force to be reckoned with because her height enables her to easily make rebounds, block shots, and shoot the ball from near the basket. This was used to the girls' advantage against the boys team since the latter doesn't have any big players to match her.

After overcoming her height complex thanks to the hard training with Aoi, she became the most important piece of Keishin's "One Center, Four Shooter" offense. Airi would draw 2 players to herself, freeing a teammate for an uncontested jump shot. Subaru states that the "One Center, Four Shooter" offense requires a strong Center player like Airi.

In Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS, Airi has fully developed into a face-up type Center player. Normally, a post-up game is best suited for her because of her height. But because of her shy personality and her training with Aoi, who herself is a Center player (albeit undersized), a face-up game is much more suitable.


Due to her timidity and extreme shyness, Touko-sensei nicknamed her "Prismatic Bird" (プリズマティック・バド Purizumatikku bado, lit. "Two colors of seven birds").


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